SCEA SVP of PR Rob Dyer has said the PSP will expect a pretty “robust” third-party line-up for 2010.

He stated that, despite admitting to problems with piracy on the handheld, there will be a great range of games in first and third-party line-ups.

And went on to say:

“I think we had a great lineup last year,” said Dyer. “The biggest problem that plagued PSP was piracy; we have not been able to slow that down. We think we have some answers going forward, but we’re not ready to talk about that publicly at this point.

“So we’re working on fixing that, because that’s been a big problem.”

“That said, we still have a very robust lineup this year from third parties on the PSP, starting with Metal Gear Peace Walker,” he further added.

Well I would like to see continued success for the PSP I remember when I bought my first one I was so excited to get it home and unbox it as I am sure many of you were. I am looking forward to the titles they will be releasing this year.

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The filings – put in under the alias of Sand Dollar Enterprise, the same one used when the company filed for the 250Gb PS3 Slim just after the announcement of Slim at GamesCom last August – are for hardware codenamed CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B.

There is no new HDD added, as well as nothing new added to the wireless specs of the console, which is currently 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth.

I wonder why they had to report to the FCC if they aren’t bringing anything new to the table? Well time will tell if we see something new or not.

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Valve apparantly wants to take it’s time with the PS3 in an attempt to do development “the right way.”

“Before we do anything on the PS3 we need to be able to support it in the right way,” said Valve’s Chet Faliszek

I don’t know that statement leaves it open ended if you ask me. I don’t sense a state of emergency from Chet, do you?

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It’s official: The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned add-ons for GTA IV will finally make it to the PS3. Rockstar’s contract with Microsoft to keep the DLC exclusive to the Xbox 360 has expired, and SCEA has confirmed that the episodes will be available in North America on March 30th, 2010. A European release date is unknown.

I heard this one of the best DLC’s for this game, why would they make it exclusive. Is anyone still playing the game?

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Konami is bringing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to Japan in style. A couple of PlayStation Portable bundles will feature Snake’s exclusive MGS outing on the portable system. The highest end PSP bundle, for 36,980 yen (just over $400 USD).

There have not been any announcements yet as to whether these, or another, special MGS:PW PSP bundles or accessories will be released in other regions.

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