Add a leaf to the GreenHeart Tree

In aid of Earth Day, Sony Ericsson Canada will be donating $1 per leaf added to their leaf tree. You can view the GreenHeart Tree here and simply add a leaf. For every leaf added, Sony Ericsson CA will donate one Canadian Dollar to Earth Day Canada, until 5000 leaves are added. Currently there are 349 leaves on the tree.

The GreenHeart Tree represents Sony Ericsson range of GreenHeart handsets which are more eco friendly by using recycled plastics for the handset and eco friendly packaging, such as the Sony Ericsson Naite.


  1. Added a leaf as well to the tree :). Good that it works for non Canadians :).

  2. Yeah I thought that as well, means more people can add to it 🙂 Not many more now though, only up at 374.

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