64GB 4th Gen iPhone, 128GB 4th Gen iPod touch Next Year?


I know, I know why am I posting news about the iPhone here. Well I want to say as an iPhone owner I am excited by the prospect of a 64gb or 120gb model. I am however not looking forward to the pricing. The main reason I am posting this is because Toshiba announced that it’s managed to cram 64GB of NAND flash memory onto a single chip. Be advised this is just speculation/rumour on my part right now about these iPhone models.

The iPod touch doesn’t have to worry about all the phone-related radios, and so has double the slots for memory, and will likely always get twice as much storage as the iPhone. Apple typically releases new iPhones in June/July, new iPod touches in September.


  1. DO you think it’s worth the price?

  2. They do a lot of things so yes!

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