The Blu-ray Disc Player

The Blu-ray Disc Player is the newest addition to Sony’s ever expanding technology. It is a new form of media designed to replace the use of DVD’s. Blu-ray discs have the ability to output 1080/25p picture quality. This is coupled with their high definition televisions to give you a movie experience that is even better than in a movie house. It shows the pictures so clear and so crisp that you may think it is real.

The Blu-ray Disc Player however is not like any other media player. What sets it apart besides being able to play high definition movies from Blu-ray discs? It also gives you the ability to download and stream extra bonus content like trailers and additional scenes with the BD-Live function. The new disc player also has an ethereal port to allow you to connect it to a broadband connection and download updates. It also has a Dolby TrueHD decoder built inside it and Precision Cinema HD upscale ensuring that the quality of the movies that you watch are in the best possible high definition quality so that you enjoy the high definition experience to the fullest. It also has BRAVIA sync so that you can plug and play it with any BRAVIA high definition television from Sony.

This is the next generation and as technology advances, so does the appliances we use along with the media players. Media players have come a long way and the current evolution of it is in the form of the powerful Blu-ray Disc Player from Sony.

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