Sony have announced that they will be introducing two new PVR’s to the market allowing consumers to control their TV watching habits in style with one of either a 500gb or 1000gb Freeview and HD capable models.

From the press release:

· Watch and record subscription free, High Definition TV with Freeview HD built in

· Record one channel whilst watching another using twin Freeview HD Tuner

· Pause and rewind live TV with time shift

· Available in 1TB (1000GB) for up to 600 hours and 500GB for up to 300 hours recording

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Yahoo have issued a press release announcing the exciting news that they are bringing their Yahoo! TV Widgets to Sony Bravia LCD TV’s in partnership with Sony.

“Sony is the world leader in entertainment with the unique position of not only creating content, but also delivering highly advanced devices that allow consumers to view that content in their homes,” said Toshifumi Okuda, senior general manager, Home Entertainment Business Group, Sony Corporation. “Extending our relationship with Yahoo! is another example of how Sony is focused on delivering attractive features to worldwide consumers.”

yahoo bravia widgets

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Improve your TV signal

If you want to make the most out of your HD Sony TV, then one of the essential things and basic features, is having a good TV signal. Thanks to TV Antenna GeoSelector, not only can you find a TV antenna for your TV, but find the best one for your location.

The TV antenna GeoSelector displays the TV stations which are available in your area and uses an algorithm to find the best one for you, based on area, frequency and the direction of the antenna. You’re also able to read others reports from people in your area about what TV antenna works for them.

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While the proto-type 0.3mm OLED TV may be thinner than the Sony Bravia ZX1, it is a proto-type. Which lets the ZX1 take prize as the world’s thinnest tv.

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Continuing on from the XEL-1, Sony have unveiled a prototype of a new OLED TV which is a third of the thickness of the XEL-1.

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