God of War 3 Trophies


Here is a list of the God of War 3 trophies. There are also 18 secret trophies, one of which must be the Platinum. God of War 3 will be launching on March 16th.


* Mr. Hand
Discover the secret ‘Hades Arm’ room
* Hit Man
Perform a 1000-hit combo
* Rip One!
Rip apart 1 Olympus Sentry
* Nice Tan
Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios
* Obedience School
Deliver 50 kicks to Hounds
* It’s getting hot in here…
Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo
* Souled Out
Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades
* Bloody Hell
Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies
* No Guts, No Glory
Gut 3 Centaur Generals
* Hitting Your Stride
Upgrade any weapon to the next level

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Sony PS3 “hacked”


iPhone hacker geohot has hacked the PS3. He’s famous for hacking the iPhone and iPod Touch. His method is the quickest and easiest for all models to Jailbreak them. He’s now started messing around with the PS3 and has confirmed that he has hacked it. He has gained access to read all of the system as well as write to it.

He’s now released the exploit for others to try, to see where they get with hacking the PS3. So it’s very likely we’ll soon see homebrew on the PS3 and possibly the ability to play back up games.

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U.S. Finally Gets Yakuza 3


As of March 2010, one of the biggest Japanese action games is coming to the U.S. Due to the hardcore fan base this game holds, Sega has finally decided to extend the trilogy to the West. All the menus have reported to of been changed to English but the voice acting will remain and subtitles added.

Anyone looking forward to this game?

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Developers are lining up around the block to take a crack at the new control methods including Ubisoft. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said in an earnings call :

the company would have, barring possible changes in timing, 10 games available for Natal within the first six months of its release. He also said that they’d have 4-5 games for Sony’s motion controller.

I’m excited for Natal and intrigued to see how it’s going to play out with gaming. With the right price and proper use for games, I would buy it.

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Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed II has sold 1.6 million copies in its first week of release worldwide.

This number is not surprising due to the critical reception and internet buzz surrounding the November 17th release. If you compare these numbers to the previous Assassin’s Creed game release, Assassin’s Creed II is up 32% in sales.

I played it and finished it and I will be eagerly awaiting the third installment, even though nothing has been said yet.

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