Sony Computer Entertainment said that the number of registered accounts on the PlayStation Network (PSN) has crossed the 50 million mark around the globe. These are latest figures as of 14th June 2010.

The PSN has expanded globally since its launch in November 2006 and offers services in more than 58 countries worldwide. The first year saw less than 6 million users. It took a year and eight months to touch the 10 million mark. The third year saw rapid growth and the PSN had clocked 20 million users in two years and three months from its launch and this grew to 50 million in just three years and eight months.

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Sony has revealed an all in one Surround Sound System for the PlayStation 3. The system will be launched in Japan, North America, Europe and Asian regions in fall this year. It has a sleek and casual design which reduces storage space and comes with a built in sub-woofer.

The CECH-ZVS1 uses high end technology like the S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound which delivers rich sound and creates a dynamic sound environment. The speakers have been designed to provide users with a real cinematic experience of all forms of entertainment.

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Sony is offering all its PS3 customers an opportunity to watch MLB TV for free. This offer will be made available through this weekend.

Users will be able to watch all the live MLB matches. They will also have the opportunity to view all past games.


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3D games on PS3 dated

Sony has revealed that it plans to begin the 3D era on the PS3 from June 10th. Select downloadable games will be updated with 3D support.

According to sources, Wipeout HD, Star Strike HD and Mr. Pain will be the first three games to receive the 3D update. Wipeout and Stardust will be available for free, while Mr. Pain will cost around ¥300 (USD 3.2). Reports also say that a Motorstorm 2 3D demo will be offered to people buying a new 3D Sony Bravia as a  special offer .

A 3D TV is however a must to play games with 3D technology.

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Sony have been hit with a fourth Class Action Lawsuit over the removal of the “Other OS” function. On April 27th, Anthony Ventura from California filed a lawsuit over the removal of the option. In the following days, separate owners also filed similar complaints on April 30th and May 5th. The fourth lawsuit comes from Keith Wright, California who likewise has filed a lawsuit over the removal of the feature.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out for Sony, with the possibility of more consumers appealing. Only users who bought a PS3 “phat” between November 17th 2006 and March 27th 2010 are included in the class suit. It also notes you must not have sold your PS3 before March 27th 2010.

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