According to a source at Engadget someone has completed a survey for Sony which details services planned for the non-compulsory ‘premium’ PlayStation Network package confirmed by Kaz Hirai.

I would think that PS3 owners who have had the service for free might be disinclined to pay for PSN services, the new scheme does boast an extensive number of new and appealing features. Extended console warranty, beta access, cross-game voice chat, loyalty programs and free access to PSOne Classics.

Again, nothing has been confirmed but it’s a possibility that this could all come about very soon for you PS3′ers.

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U.S. Finally Gets Yakuza 3


As of March 2010, one of the biggest Japanese action games is coming to the U.S. Due to the hardcore fan base this game holds, Sega has finally decided to extend the trilogy to the West. All the menus have reported to of been changed to English but the voice acting will remain and subtitles added.

Anyone looking forward to this game?

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It appears some new alterations are soon to be made to the PlayStation 3’s XMB in the next firmware update. You can update your Facebook account through your PlayStation Network account, change the colour of your gamer profile to fit your mood, and apparently there will be a more efficient way of looking at your photos.

It’s nothing too exciting but a push in the right direction I think.

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SCEA Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has, via the US PS Blog, announced that a PlayStation podcast is currently a work-in-progress, following hundreds of requests from the PlayStation community in recent months.

Although believe it or not Jeff wants to hear from you so go here and make your voice heard!

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