Billabong Sony VAIO W netbook

The Billabong special edition VAIO W has just been announced and will be available this June in Australia for $749SRP. This is the first collaboration product between Billabong and Sony. The VAIO W netbook series Imperial Lime has a very nice and funky look which is a result of splashes of bright colors; blue, lime green and black. This netbook includes Billabong content which includes images and video from a new TV series. The TV series is featuring a selection of Billabong’s key surfing athletes.

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The fashionable, world’s lightest 8″ notebook, 1.4-pound VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC is set to see an up-lift for itself this June when Sony will release more bolder and vibrant colors. They are to be made available in classic black, hot pink, neon green, icy white and electric orange colors.

The release will also come with a wide array of built-in one-touch button features. You may access the web now without even having to boot through the Operating system instantly by just pushing the “Quick Web Access” button.

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Sony launch VAIO M netbook

If Sony’s original netbook was too overpriced for you, then the good news is, Sony are releasing a new netbook model at a lower price of £300. While still not really a budget netbook it does make owning a VAIO netbook more realistic. The VAIO M is due to be launched at the end of the month in the UK for £300. Tesco currently have the netbook listed on their website and their new catalogue, with an end of March release date. The netbook is available in both white and black but, Tesco are charging an extra £30 for the white model.

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Sony Vaio W unboxing


After finally seeing the Sony Vaio netbook in the flesh, I fell in love with it immediately. The VAIO W netbook has been released in two varients, the W11S1E and the W12S1E. The difference between the two are the hard drive size, operating system, battery and price, while the rest of the specs remain the same. The W11S1E has a 160GB hard drive, Windows XP and is available for £300 with a 3 cell battery, giving 2.5 hours battery life. While the W12S1E is equipped with Windows 7 Starter, 250GB HDD, a 6 cell battery providing 7.5 hours battery life and retails for £350. So naturally, I went with the W12S1E. Both models are hard to find in most shops within the UK, with only one store in my area having the netbook (W12S1E) on display. Both models are available in white, pink and tan/brown. Although Argos also lists the W12S1E available in charcoal.

Other specs of the netbook include an Intel Atom N280 processor, 10.1 inch display, with an impressive screen resolution of 1366×768, which really does make a difference, 1GB RAM, web camera and an SD and Memory Stick card reader. Connectivity wise, it features WiFi b/g/n and bluetooth.

You can view my unboxing photos of the netbook after the break.

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Sony will be re releasing their Vaio W netbook in an eco friendly form. The netbook will feature a plastic chassis, 23% of which will be recycled CDs. Also to avoid using cardboard, it will come in a carry case, made of PET bottles. Specs remain the same, which includes a high res (1333×768) 10.1 inch display, 250GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM and Windows 7. The eco netbook is available to purchase from Sony Style for $499.49.


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