360 Live iPhone app now free


Looks like we win and with Microsoft’s help. After first releasing the 360 Live iPhone app for $1.99 and subsequently being talked to by Microsoft, creator Xavier Larrea has released a free version on the iTunes App Store. As the app now complies with Microsoft’s policy that all Xbox Live apps should be free, 360 Live should be here to stay.

Hmmm, Microsoft not making money on something?

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Halo Reach World Premiere Video

Well here you have it the premiere video of Halo Reach. Bungie said in July that Reach will be the final Bungie-developed Halo title, I don’t believe them but hey what do I know.

Look for Halo: Reach on Xbox 360 Fall 2010.

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Developers are lining up around the block to take a crack at the new control methods including Ubisoft. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said in an earnings call :

the company would have, barring possible changes in timing, 10 games available for Natal within the first six months of its release. He also said that they’d have 4-5 games for Sony’s motion controller.

I’m excited for Natal and intrigued to see how it’s going to play out with gaming. With the right price and proper use for games, I would buy it.

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Microsoft has announced a new “Hot Holidays Car Pack,” which will hit Marketplace on December 8. The pack is set to include several 2010 model cars, specifically some super cars and “purpose-built” racing cars. The bulk of the pack’s cars are wrapped in secrecy, though Microsoft did tease that one of them will be the Ferrari 458 Italia. Furthermore, the Audi S4 will be offered as a free download to entice players to download the premium content.

Don’t forget that the free Hyundai Genesis Coupe Car Pack for Forza 3 is now available. The pack includes three different versions of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

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Many CoD-ers have been expressing fears that when they receive their copy of Modern Warfare 2 that they will be at the bottom of the barrel on the leadboards.  Robert Bowling of  Infinity Ward has let us all know that all will be reset , creating a fair playing field for all those who had to wait to play the game.

I am all for people getting games early, but not for the sake of getting ahead of everyone else.

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