sony ericsson cedar

The latest in Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart series of mobile phone handsets has been announced by the company.

To be known as the “Cedar” handset, this latest environmentally friendly phone is candy-bar style, is made from recycled plastic, has a low power consumption charger and will be supplied to consumers in ‘green’packaging with no paper instruction manuals, all for the good of the planet. Functionality isn’t overly compromised by it’s environmentally friendly aim though, with the handset offering a 2.2 inch screen, a 2 megapixel camera, 3G HSDPA for high speed internet access and a widget manager which enables easy social networking access.

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Sony Ericsson Hong

Sony Ericsson is developing the next phone in their eco-friendly Greenheart series. The phone is codenamed Sony Ericsson Hong. It is expected to be a classic stick phone and have a design similar to that of Sony Ericsson Elm. The specifications of te phone are not yet known.

The Hong is the seventh phone in the Greenheart series. The Greenheart range of phones are  eco-friendly. They are manufactured from materials which do not harm the environment. The phones carry an in-phone manual rather a paper manual. It is made from re-cycled plastics and uses an energy efficient display. All these features reduce Carbon-di-oxide emissions by 15%.

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Sony Ericsson has launched two new Bluetooth headsets – the VH110 and VH410. The two devices are made entirely from recycled plastic and covered in water based paint, and will join the GreenHeart range of devices.

They are the first products to be launched under Sony’s Extras Talk category. Both headsets offer 10 hours talktime and 350 hours standby. The VH110 measures 22.7 x 18.7 x 49.0 and weighs 9.5 grams. The VH410 measures 25.2 x 18.0 x 50.4 and weighs 11.6 grams.

The VH110 comes in black while the VH410 will be available in black, red and silver.

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In aid of Earth Day, Sony Ericsson Canada will be donating $1 per leaf added to their leaf tree. You can view the GreenHeart Tree here and simply add a leaf. For every leaf added, Sony Ericsson CA will donate one Canadian Dollar to Earth Day Canada, until 5000 leaves are added. Currently there are 349 leaves on the tree.

The GreenHeart Tree represents Sony Ericsson range of GreenHeart handsets which are more eco friendly by using recycled plastics for the handset and eco friendly packaging, such as the Sony Ericsson Naite.

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Following on from the first of the GreenHeart handsets from Sony Ericsson, the Naite, the company have announced another handset to the range. The GreenHeart handsets are made from recycled plastics, minimal packaging and a low power charger. The new handset is named Elm and is due in the first quarter of 2010.

Specs wise, you can find a 5 megapixel camera on the phone, aGPS with Google Maps support, Wisepilot, noise reduction technology and social networks are said to be easily accessed. No information on pricing yet, but a photo of the handset has been provided.


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