You read that header right. Mirror’s Edge will be coming to your device in January of 2010. It’s a first-person free-running game goes to third-person perspective on the mobile platform. You’ll play as Faith, just as in the previous Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC release. Here are more details from EA on what you can expect in the iPhone and iPod touch release:

EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF MIRROR’S EDGE – A place where information is heavily monitored and law is brutally enforced in an effort to create the ‘perfect’ society.

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Game developer Blacksmith Games is offering free games for your iphone . Throughout the month of December (Dec. 1-22), a free iPhone game will be given away each day on its Appvent Calendar 09. Reminds me of the Christmas calender and everyday you open it there is a piece of chocolate inside. Either way they are both yummy.

There are reported surprises on December 23rd and December 24th! Keep a look out. You can thank Blacksmith Games for making this possible.

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Call of Duty: World at War game developer Treyarch and publisher Activision have announced a new iPhone game, based on the Zombies gameplay mode from COD: WaW, is now available.

Details from Activision:
“Call of Duty: World at War: ZOMBIES offers both single player and the game’s highly-addictive co-op gameplay experience in full 3-D, allowing up to four players to join a game via Wi-Fi, locally or across the Internet, and up to two players via Bluetooth, all on the go!”

You can look foward to new maps as time goes on.

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