Sony Vaio P Shipping in the US Earlier than Expected

early vaio p

Sony Style US have stocks of the highly anticipated second generation of Sony Vaio P netbooks and are shipping a week earlier than expected. US buyers have had to wait for their Vaio P whilst watching other countries recieve their ‘lifestyle PC’ as early as May this year but, Sony Style are sending the Vaio P out as of today (18th June) as opposed to the stated shipping date of the 25th of June. That is unless you are waiting for the hot pink Vaio P which unfortunately isn’t available for shipping yet.

Priced at $899 and coming in a choice of 5 color variations – classic black,electric orange,neon green,hot pink and icy white, the Vaio P has the following specifications:

Intel® Processor (1.60GHz)
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Features: 8″ LCD, 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1.3 lbs., Bluetooth®, webcam, noise canceling headphones

So if you want to grab one of these gorgeous netbooks with features and design that outweighs the reasonable $899 that they are priced at, head on over to the sales page for the Vaio P at Sony Style , you could get one delivered sooner than we even expected them to begin shipping.

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