Sony to launch 8 inch “netbook”

Sony have recently updated their VAIO notebook section in the SonyStyle store to include a mini laptop. The new laptop is part of the P series of VAIO notebooks and will come with an 8″ screen, which claims to be pocket sized.
The tiny screen is more commonly found on netbooks which some claim could be Sony’s entry into the netbook market. Most netbooks have a resolution of 1024×600, but the P has a screen resolution of 1600×768, which may be a reason that it won’t go into the netbook category. The P will also come with a 1.33GHz Intel processor, 128GB SSD or upto 60GB hard drive and will come installed with either Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium.

As of yet there’s no information on release date or price, but it’s to expected to be over $800. The laptop will also come in a choice of three colors, tan, red or black.

Via: jkOnTheRun

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