Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Review

Sony PSP

Sony PSP

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries today despite of economic problems. This just proves that there are a lot of people who just loves to play these video games. The current race is for the best next generation console with three giant companies competing. Sony with its Playstation 3, Microsoft with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii are the current rivals. But there is one product in the gaming industry that has been dominated by Nintendo which is the hand held gaming console. So, Sony competes by launching a new product, the PlayStation Portable or PSP.

Sony PSP - Front

Sony PSP - Back

The Sony PSP is a hand held gaming console based on its Playstation big brother. Most games are either the same from the Playstation series or spin offs of popular games from the Playstation 2. It has a large 4.3 inch screen which gives the gamer a good video output. It is also Wifi compatible and USB connectivity. The games are in Universal Media Disk format or UMD. They are basically small disks.

Sony PSP - White

The Sony PSP is more than just a hand held gaming console. It is a media device which means it can playback your favourite mp3 songs and mp4 movies. These can be stored in the PSP’s memory stick duo. You can also browse the internet using Wifi. So, with the Sony PSP, not only can you play games wherever you are but you can take with you your favourite songs and movies too. It is a complete package.




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  4. The PSP is my favorite hand held system. This is a great review of it, thanks.

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