Sony PlayStation Move accuracy can be improved but does it need to be?


Eurogamer have published their latest chat with Sony regarding the PlayStation Move controller system. In this latest revelation Sony have admitted that they can make the Move even more accurate than it is currently through a potential upgrade of the units firmware. Although the source, Anton Mikhailov from SCEA, doesn’t believe an improvement in accuracy is necessary:

“So far we haven’t had any real requests from studios to improve the accuracy.  There are a couple of issues here and there we can fix, but the majority the games are not even taxing it to its full accuracy.”

What do you think, is the Move accurate enough for you? I personally think it is a very accurate system, I’ve never had any issues with the accuracy of the PS Move but, it’s good to know that there is a plan for the future all the same and firmware updates if we need them.


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  1. the move system is very accurate with sports games, thats about it. they really need to address the issue of fps and arcade shooters. playing time crisis, the target on the screen drifts completly out of accuracy, or its very acurate then you have to move the motion controller fast and its no aligned no more. otherwise, sports games such as sports champions is fantasticly accurate.

    I hope they address this issue soon as i brought the move pack for killzone 3 and socom 4, and i wont be inmpressed if i get them 2 games and it has the same problems as time crisis.

    im sure it could be fixed easy enough by updating the tracking software so the eye recognises the light bulb on the motion controller, better than it does now, or incorperate the motion within the controller.

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