Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 overview

Pocket Now have made a series of videos covering Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1. The video series is made up of three parts, the first one looking over the hardware of the X1, while the other two are software related.

The hardware video takes a look at each side of the X1, explaining the different features found throughout the X1. Starting with the front commenting on the use of metal and plastic giving the X1 a “high quality feel”. The video also points out the joystick and D-Pad and what the buttons on the front do.

The video then moves onto the sides and back, pointing out the headphone socket as well as locating the MicroSD card slot (under the battery cover). The video finishes the video by taking a look at the QWERTY keyboard found on the X1 which is “reasonably easy to type on”.

In the second part of their videos, PocketNow take a look at the X1’s Panel interface. The idea behind the panels is described as making the Today screen a platform from which programs can run displaying rich content. The Today screen is usually contains static content, such as the date and time, next appointment along with new messages etc. With the use of Panels within the Today screen,, it allows you to access much more content such as RSS feeds, the weather, play with fish as well as listen to the FM radio and view multimedia content.

The Panels are customizable and you can download additional panels;
“It’s a great idea and has a lot of potential if the developer community begins to come up with innovative panels. Right now, there are only 4 panels posted on the Sony Ericsson Panel website – of which two are junk. My favorite panel by far is the Spb Mobile Shell Panel – which essentially gives you a free version of Mobile Shell (which usually costs $30), with the added functionality of having access to the top and bottom bars in Windows Mobile.”

Part three’s video covers the programs and settings of the X1. The performance of the X1 is described as being blazing fast across the entire operating system. The Xperia X1 comes pre-loaded with Opera Mobile 9.5 as well as Astraware games with most of the software additions being found in the Panel interface.



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