Sony Ericsson Satio finally arrives in the US

Almost a year after Sony Ericsson announced the Satio, the handset has made it’s way to the US. The Satio has been available since October in the UK and faced many initial launch problems, including being pulled from stores. Hopefully with such a long gap between the US release, all the bugs should have been fixed. Although being almost a year after the announcement, is anyone in the US still interested in the Satio handset? If you are you can pick it up from Sony Style for $650.

The Satio is part of the entertainment unlimited range, bring CyberShot, WalkMan and Smartphone together. Media wise, it features an XMB similar to the PSP/PS3 etc, which allows easy browsing of media, while running on the Symbian S60V5 platform. It also features a 12 megapixel camera, which while impressive at the time, other handsets have since been released making the Satio not so special.  You can view my unboxing photos of the Satio here.

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