Sony Ericsson’s Theme Creator now compatible with Satio and Vivaz

sony ericsson theme creator 4.16

On may 10th Sony Ericsson showcased a new version of its innovative Theme Creator tool having increased compatibility. The all new updated version 4.16 is capable of supporting Sony Ericsson phones based on the Symbian platform.  This means, theme creator can also be used with Satio and Vivaz models. This tool will provide rapid creation of themes, much quicker than previously used tools.

  • Themes creator to support Vivaz and Satio
  • Creation of themes in 4 easy steps

It will be possible to create themes in four easy steps namely background selection, color adjustment, style and sound creation. Additional color effects can be used to obtain precise color tones to fulfil personal taste. Predefined background option will also make this process of creating themes simpler than ever before.

Support has also been added for non Symbian phones, including the Elm and Hazel.

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  1. looking to down load the sony ericssn theme creator 4.16 but I have a net book and when I have tried to down load previously the page that you sync the picutres to use as themes it too large for my 10.1 in screen any ideas how to get round this?

  2. Hey, Thx man!^^
    Yes, it work!

  3. it’s a nice application

  4. satio theme creator

  5. Anyone have a link as the sony ericsson site gives me 4.06 which is not compatible with Vivaz

  6. thanks

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