Sony adds Signature Collection to VAIO line


Remember the decorated Vaio T designed by Japanese artist Hayashi? Well how about an official decorated notebook from Sony themselves. Over at SonyStyle US a range of new notebooks have been added, dubbed the Signature Collection. The Signature Collection adds a stylish look to various Vaio laptops ranging from the pocketable but not a netbook Vaio P to the Vaio CS range.

As the name suggests, the laptops are part of a collection and therefore limited in quantity. The Vaio TT in electric blue and Carbon Fibre Z are down to 120 left, where as the Vaio P in glossy black and a few other models, still have 1000 left.

The full range in the Signature Collection is as follows;

Vaio P in Glossy Black
Vaio TT in Electric Blue
VAIO SR in Champagne Gold
Vaio Z in Bordeaux Red, Carbon Fibre and Kalidoscope
Vaio CS in Crocodile Brown, Crocodile Red or Crocodile Pink and Deep Violet.

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