Need for Speed SHIFT now available for iPhone and iPod touch; optimized for 3GS


EA Mobile has recently released Need for Speed SHIFT for the iPhone and iPod touch. Details from EA Mobile:

“Racers can hop into the driver’s seat in 20 of the fastest, hottest, most powerful cars in the world in Need for Speed SHIFT, and compete on stretches of asphalt in Chicago, London, and Tokyo in up to 28 street and pro racing events. Players can also enjoy upgrade features, such as top speed, handling, acceleration, and nitrous boosts. The all-new driver profile is the ultimate extension of the true driver’s experience, giving each player a unique persona based on their racing skills and style. Driver profiles can impact a player’s overall career progression, even affecting how they unlock cars. In Need for Speed SHIFT, it’s all about being in control while pushing yourself to the edge. How you drive is who you are behind the wheel.”

I can’t believe how the iTouch or iPhone is taking off in the “handheld gaming” area.

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  1. Need For Speed is the best game that i have ever played.~:,

  2. i play Need For Speed all night long, this game is really cool and very addictive.’~-

  3. Elizabeth King

    Need For Speed is a great game that i enjoy playing all day long`’,

  4. LED Grow Light

    every racing game is addictive, specially Need For Speed. it really rocks `~”

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