GreenHeart phones announced

GreenHeart C901 and Naite respectively

GreenHeart C901 and Naite respectively

If you didn’t catch the webcast for Sony Ericsson’s eco friendly phones, don’t worry, we have the news right here. Sony Ericsson have announced the launch of the first two handsets from the GreenHeart line.

First up is the GreenHeart C901, similar to the original C901, but enviromentally friendly. Likewise, the GreenHeart C901, features a 5 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and smile shutter. The screen follows the regular resolution of 240 x 320 on a 2.2 inch display. Also featured on the phone is bluetooth connectivity and M2 storage support. The C901 also features Google Maps, but uses cell station triangulation as it doesn’t feature GPS.

The second phone, the GreenHeart Naite is of similar spec, but features a 2 megapixel camera instead. Both phones are planned for release in Q2, but there’s currently no information on pricing or country availability.

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  1. panda

    like GreenHeart Naite very much because the battery life last a long time

    • Thats cool to know. One thing many new phones have as a disadvantage is their battery life, so glad to hear your Naite has a long battery life. How long does it last you?


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