sony ericsson firmware updates
An update for several Sony Ericsson handsets has been released. The update makes it the second update for the Sony Ericsson Satio and Sony Ericsson Aino. The Satio update brings in extra features, which allow you to upload to YouTube and Facebook. You can also shoot widescreen videos with WVGA and watch them in increased resolution (864×480). It’s also possible to connect the phone to gaming systems and home entertainment systems through DLNA. Unfortunately, there’s no information on whether this has fixed any of the ongoing issues with the handset. Let us know if you’ve noticed any differences/improvements after updating.

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sony ericsson theme creator 4.16

On may 10th Sony Ericsson showcased a new version of its innovative Theme Creator tool having increased compatibility. The all new updated version 4.16 is capable of supporting Sony Ericsson phones based on the Symbian platform.  This means, theme creator can also be used with Satio and Vivaz models. This tool will provide rapid creation of themes, much quicker than previously used tools.

  • Themes creator to support Vivaz and Satio
  • Creation of themes in 4 easy steps

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Almost a year after Sony Ericsson announced the Satio, the handset has made it’s way to the US. The Satio has been available since October in the UK and faced many initial launch problems, including being pulled from stores. Hopefully with such a long gap between the US release, all the bugs should have been fixed. Although being almost a year after the announcement, is anyone in the US still interested in the Satio handset? If you are you can pick it up from Sony Style for $650.

The Satio is part of the entertainment unlimited range, bring CyberShot, WalkMan and Smartphone together.

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The Satio may just be getting back on it’s feet and in stores again after firmware issues but, the handset is still getting bad press. A recent article on UK handsets shows the the Sony Ericsson Satio has the highest radiation emission compared to other handsets on the market. The Satio has about 1.5W/kg of radiation emission, while the next high emitter handset, comes in at 1.36W/KG, which is the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Of the top 10 highest radiation emitting handsets, four of the ten were Sony Ericsson phones, including the W595, W995 and T715.


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The Sony Ericsson Satio may be back on shelves after the firmware update, but many problems still persist. Here I’ll post the known issues and whether they were patched in the update.

  • Media limited to 3000 files – Fixed in latest update. Not sure if the limits been removed completely or increased, but I’ve found no problems so far. However, media files are now loading slower after the update.
  • Screen is blank when a phone call is received – Problem still persists after update. When I receive a phone call, the display stays black and so I can’t see who is calling me.

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Sony Ericsson have rolled out another firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Satio, which should be available for all handsets. I’ve tested the update on my Vodafone branded handset and the update has been detected and installed. While I haven’t had time to test it fully yet, others have been saying the phone is faster with the update and it fixes the homescreen theme problem, where no shortcuts are being displayed, only the Sony Ericsson home screen theme displays correctly. Sony Ericsson have also rolled out an update for the Aino, which has also been experiencing issues, mostly with the touch screen. While no problems have been reported with the Yari, an update is also to come for the handset. It’s also noted on the Sony Ericsson Update page, that the handset does not need to be backed up, as the update does not affect handset data, but it is of course recommended to do so if possible anyway.

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