Sony Bravia Internet TVThere is great news for all football lovers since Sony has inked deal with FIFA to relive top 20 spectacular moments over a span of 76 years of FIFA world cup. This will enable all people to view this action via Internet protocol (IP) enabled Bravia television sets and Blu Ray discs. Several player’s profile and films will also be screened to provide wonderful entertainment. The internet video platform of Bravia will showcase these wonderful events from mid may.

Sony has also made arrangements to screen 25 FIFA world cup 2010 with 3D technology. Football lovers will surely be treated with great fun due to availability of games in three dimensional modes. Several sophisticated cameras will be used to make this broadcast possible.

* View top 20 golden moments of FIFA world cup using IP enabled Bravia television sets
* Filming of 25 FIFA world cup 2010 games in 3D mode
* Service to start from mid may

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In conjunction with the Football World Cup this year, Sony have announced they will be running a ‘scrappage scheme’ fronted by ex England managers  Graham Taylor and Terry Venables and the current England under-21 coach Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce.

From April 29th until July 11th – the date of the 2010 World Cup final, customers can hand in old electronic goods, for example TV’s and Blu-Ray players, working or not, at “Sony Centres, Comet, Curry’s, John Lewis and Tesco Extra stores” and will recieve up to £150 off the price of a new Bravia television. Items do not need to be Sony branded which gives consumers a great chance to scrap their old, unwanted goods and settle down to watching the World Cup on a shiny new Bravia, all at a cut down price, the Sony press release reveals.

Sony UK commercial director: “We understand that consumers will undoubtedly want to upgrade their kit as they gear up for the World Cup this summer, but cost is still an issue for most of us coming out of recession.

“This campaign is not only timely in helping people take their entertainment to the next level, it is also a good way to encourage the responsible disposal of old technology.”

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Sony are releasing a new TV in Japan, which comes equipped with a 500GB hard drive. Like the other TVs being released there, the BX30H will offer up 3D. It will be available in both white and black, along with a choice of 22 inch, 26 inch or 32 inch display. Pricing is currently unknown. While over in the US, Sony will be releasing the Bravia TV as the BX300. In the US it will only be available with a 22 inch or 32 inch display and only come in black. The US will also miss out on the integrated HDD. Pricing for the US will be $280 for the 22 inch model, or $420 for the 32 inch model. Other specs of both of the TVs are:

* 720p HD resolution
* 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
* CCFL back lighting
* 5.1 channel audio output
* 24p True Cinema
* BRAVIA Engine 2

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Sony have announced that the company plan to release 3D TVs in Japan starting from June 10th with the rest of the world, also to receive the 3D TV sets around the same time. Initially, Sony will release two TVs, a 40 inch model and a 46 inch model, which will retail for 290,000 Yen ($3215) and 350,000 Yen ($3898) respectively. Each TV will include two pairs of 3D glasses.

From July, 6 more models will be released. One will be a 40 inch set and another a 46 inch model. The other four, will not include the 3D glasses or 3D emitter and must be purchased separately. The cheapest of these models, will be a 40 inch display set, which will retail for 220,000 and glasses will cost 12,000 Yen, while the 3D infrared emitter is priced at 5,000 Yen.

A firmware update for the PS3 will also come out around the same time, adding 3D support.

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SonyBrands turns one today, August 8th 2009. The site was started based on our love for Sony products and it hasn’t stopped. We’ve gone from strength to strength with more readers every month. Happy Birthday

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Quantum of Solace is released on the 31st of October and to mark the occasion, Sony have created a James Bond ‘experience’ at London Heathrow Terminal 5 which accompanies the latest Sony TV commercial featuring Daniel Craig, aka Bond, James Bond.

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