BRAVIA Theatre Micro System

Theatre systems are very popular home appliances for those who love to enjoy music and those who love to watch movies with great sounds. A good theatre system would rival that of the movie house. But the problem with most theatre systems is the fact that they are so bulky and space consuming. So, is there a solution to the demand of having a small enough theatre system without sacrificing all that sound output that the user loves and craves? You could try the BRAVIA Theatre Micro System by Sony.

This theatre system is small, but maybe too small? Do not be fooled. The BRAVIA Theatre Micro System has more punch than it looks. Even with its small and sleek design, touch sensitive controls and a slot for a DVD drive, this small but powerful theatre system delivers a 5.1 channel surround sound which could blow you away. It includes five small speakers and a subwoofer to allow flexibility and ease in placing them around the room for maximum efficiency. This theatre system also has an HDMI connectivity feature allowing you to connect it to a high definition television with just one cable eliminating all those tangled, ugly looking mess like before. It also has a Digital Media Port so you can connect mp3 players and your iPod to it and play your favourite music.

The BRAVIA Theatre Micro System is a small, well designed piece of equipment designed to give the user the best sound system he or she will ever need.

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