The fashionable, world’s lightest 8″ notebook, 1.4-pound VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC is set to see an up-lift for itself this June when Sony will release more bolder and vibrant colors. They are to be made available in classic black, hot pink, neon green, icy white and electric orange colors.

The release will also come with a wide array of built-in one-touch button features. You may access the web now without even having to boot through the Operating system instantly by just pushing the “Quick Web Access” button.

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Memory Stick Pro HG-Duo High SpeedSony Electronics has unveiled that features on the new PRO-HG Duo HX Line-up memory cards are to be enhanced primarily for greater transfer speeds. These memory cards have a transfer speed rate of a staggering 30 Megabytes per second making it the fastest memory cards from this technology leader.

These memory sticks will be available commercially this summer, capacities ranging from 8 to 32 GB. The difference in performance it has to offer for an Alpha DSLR Camera user with the HX series memory is, it can now take about 260 images in 1 minute about 160% more when compared to PRO Duo Memory Stick. Likewise, a 30 GB HD camcorder file can be transferred surprisingly just in about 17 minutes.

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Sony now has a great product to offer to all fitness enthusiasts. The new NWZ-W252 W -Series Walkman MP3 Player. It is wireless, lightweight and housed in a water resistant frame to facilitate extended use for both indoor and outdoor usage. It doesn’t really matter any more if it’s raining.

Also, you can now transfer all your music files and playlists straight from your PC or the iTunes library. It has a maximum capacity of 2 GB and can hold about 500 songs, each about 4 minutes in length. There is also a quick charge function that lets you charge the player in just 3 minutes for a good 90 minute usage. When charged fully its battery can power 11 hours of non-stop music!

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Soon after the new NEX cameras were announced, Sony the technological trend setter revealed that it is currently working on developing a HD camcorder which features ‘Interchangeable Lens system’. The camcorder has not been provided a name, but Sony assures that it will be equipped with the same component as used in its NEX-5 & NEX-3, the ‘Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor.

It will also feature the ‘E-mount’ and ‘A-mount’ interchangeable lenses, where prior developed for the ‘NEX’ and the latter for alpha DSLR camera lineup.

With this, Sony aims to market a camcorder that is capable of inducing a variety of creativeness in the HD quality.

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